Knowledge about geology needs to be spread amongst the general public in order to increase the interest in the trade of mine- and prospecting.

The long term supply of competent personnel on all levels is depending on an understanding of the demands and the preconditions of this branch.

Amateur geologists have had a great impact in the mining industry by their active field search for new minerals. One activity that has had a great impact on this is the organized “Mineral hunt” that is run by SGU. GEORANGE intend to further develop the co-operation with SGU both through supporting the “Mineral hunt” but also in activities related to the “Geology day”.    

Within the early stages of education there is a vast need for efforts to visualize the potential of this branch. Special information efforts to pupils in compulsory school and early stages in upper secondary school will be done in order to influence young people in their future choice of further education or trade.

GEORANGE has, due to today’s shortage of educated and skilled personnel, an intention to co-operate with different educational organizers in order to find a long term solution to secure the need of skilled personnel.