GEORANGE is a non-profit organization whose main task is to expand the concept of "development" in the mining and minerals industry. In order to create sustainable growth we need to use our ore- and mineral resources much better. The organization aims to create contidions that inspires development of new and existing companies through concrete activities mentioned below. 


· Co-operative Marketing both national and international
· Co-operate on new markets
· Competence development through networking

· Exchange of production resources
· Information mediation
· Educational co-operation
· Localization
· Common administrative functions
· Development of presentation material
· Specific activities toward traditional brances for women
· Participate/organizing trade fairs and conferences
· Internationalization, increase the awareness of our international growt potential
· Work with the supply of manpower in co-operation with relevant actors
· Thematic meetings


Work with the above mentioned activities in a strategic way so an increased international competenc is achieved. New business ideas shall be born out of our networking acitivities. New businesses can be generated and new thinking can create change in operation in aready existing companies so they can meet the new demands from the ore- and mineral industry.

Environment and equality

There is a demand for new environmental professionals in the ore- and mineral industry that can generate new business opportunities within our cluster.


Companies already today realize that the increasing focus on environmental issues opens up new business potentials i.e.through environmental certification.


The Geological bransch is by tradition dominated by men but there is today and increasing demant also for women as the range of services in the ore- and mining industry is changing. Our organization supports initiatives that work for a change of attitude in the minig industry.