Benefits of membership

A membership in GEORANGE non-profit organization will give you the following benefits.


Access to different kinds of networks
· to host or arrange different types of meetings
· create connections and spread information
· company development


Connections with the authorities
· a neutral coordinator between public and private participants
· competens bank


Coorganizer at seminars
· the possibility to use Georange list of contacts and networks for own arrangements
· coordinator at different types of arrangements
· planning of public arrangements


Discount when participating at Georange seminars
· free of charge to participate at Georange seminars
· discount for EuroMineExpo 2010


The possibility to use Georange in your marketing
· members can advertise at Georange web site
· a possibility to publish articles/reports at Georange web site.

Connections within the ”political world”
· contribute with competence when creating strategies within the environmental- and equality area. 
· participate in, and act as intermediary, with relevant political structures
· contribute with competence to decision maker


News coverage
· supply a relevant and currently interesting news coverage on the web site
· supply relevant news within the Georange network


Establish contacts
· establish contacts with and between companies, Universities and public participants
· identify and establish contacts with ”key persons”
· arrange meetings between relevant participants
· advice on methods when dealing with different kinds of interests for the same land area
· coorganizer for arrangements to a wide spread public


The cost for a membership in Georange non-profit organization is 5 000 SEK per year. For membership please fill out the this document and send a scanned copy to chairman Lennart Gustavsson.

GEORANGE activity
For the years 2012-2015, GEORANGE will focus on five areas.
1. To secure a recurring meeting place for mining, mineral and associated industries in the north of Sweden.
2. Finding and forming a working network of companies, academic and public participants.
3. To create constructive and efficient methodologies to be used in case of activities overlapping in time within the same land areas.
4. In cooperation with education- and research institutions, develop mining- and prospecting related environmental research in order to develop competitive companies within environmental techniques.
5. To increase public knowledge of Geology through investments into educational organizations.