This project also addresses and aims to improve waste management, resource and energy efficiency, limit the climate footprint and mitigate poverty.


The foreseen activities can basically be divided into two main stages:

- Stage 1. To meet with the intended main partners MTN and GIZ in South Africa and with their current local partners, among others the Tshwane Univeristy and the Department of Science and Technology. Visit to existing dump/landfill and collection sites in the two main cities as are the focus of the MTN/GIZ partnership. Discuss and negotiate with these partners on the possible complementary contributions that can be offered and made through a partnership with Georange and its members. Final objective of Stage 1: A signed MoU between Georange and potential partners.


pdf Progress report


- Stage 2. Mobilize relevant interest and competence according to the MoU among Georange members. Travel to South Africa to meet with the partners and to agree upon an activity plan and detailed scope for the Swedish partners. This stage will also include a funding plan including sources and terms of funding agencies/sources that go beyond the stage of the actual Planning Grant.


pdf Final report

pdf Annex 2


Please contact Lars Klöfver, e-mail: mobile: +46 732 670770.

Lars will be our main point of contact and be the one that travels to  South Africa