SIDA projekt

Georange is pleased to inform that its applications to Sida for so called Planning Grants re E-waste in South Africa and Viet Nam have been accepted and approved.


Both South Africa and Viet Nam suffer in many respects from unsustainable treatment of end of life electrical and electronic equipment. Conditions as regards legislation, resources, methods, public and private stakeholders etc. are not the same in the two countries while it is clear that there are several links in the recycling value chain that are weak or even missing.


Encouraged by the work of some of Georange’s  members and in the light of EU’s Raw Materials Initiative RMI that emphasize resource efficiency and recycling and support to resource rich developing countries Georange has now the task to facilitate and assist Swedish actors in the field of e-waste management to find partners in Viet Nam and in South Africa.


Our task is thus quite broad. It can be to identify local recycling companies in VietNam and South Africa which are keen to find experienced Swedish partners that can bring modern and feasible methods and technology to an otherwise unsustainable business. It can be to present Swedish equipment used in the recycling process of hazardous and toxic materials to potential parties and buyers in Vietnam. It can be to bring Swedish and Vietnamese trade organizations together to help organize informal sector workers and scrap collectors to demand their rights of health protection and eventually register their own formal companies. It may also be to connect interested research institutions together with a preferable focus on finding practical applications that benefits business social progress and reduces environmental risk. This list is not exhaustive but includes also to advice stakeholder on some possible financial support that may be available in Sweden and elsewhere.