Georange Guidlines

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist developers and other stakeholders in minerals and exploration projects in the process of consultation and disclosure. The guidelines have been developed by Georange, a Swedish independent, nonprofit organisation that aims to encourage and broaden the development of the Swedish mineral sector.

The guidelines have been developed by Georange’s specialist group on land-use, which includes representatives from local and regional authorities, industry, a Sami village, and other experts. The guidelines have also undergone review by a range of representatives from public authorities, experts and other individuals who are working with issues that relate closely to the content of these guidelines.

The aim of the guidelines is to contribute to the meaningful participation of affected land-users in the planning of mineral sector projects, and to thereby lessen the risk for conflict and ultimately contribute to better and more sustainable projects.


This document is furthermore a "living document” which is continuously being improved in accordance with comments and suggestions that are submitted to Georange or to Håkan Tarras-Wahlberg


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